Wow Joey! That was a superb interview. I confess to having a hard time with the Dan Rottenburg interview because I did not think he was really in touch with what was actually going on with the blatant, totalitarian censorship or the overwhelming social, economic and psychological diistress many americans are suffering from the crazy politics and insane dictates coming from both sides of the aisle. Paul on the other hand appears to be very in touch with the on the ground reality of his own country. The ways you linked what is happening in the UK to what is happening here in the US was illuminating and very helpful to widening the perspective.

I also liked that you shared about your midwest small town somewhat conservative upbringing and how you cannot judge or vew as the 'enemy', those who voted for Trump. That demonizing of each other is the scariest part of all this and both sides are doing it. Biden and Trump are continually pouring gasoline on the flames and it looks to me that both want civil unrest because it serves their own agendas.

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