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Thank you Joey for bravely taking on this difficult topic and kudos to Dr Rizotto for sharing her experience and opnions with us. England tried gender neutral bathrooms with multiple stalls. Bathroom rapes increased and so they are going back to male/female. Apparently an additional third gender neutral facitility was offered, but rejected by the most vocal trans activists as they felt that was discrimination and made a target of them. I wanted to say, hey dude, welcome to women's world! Every time a biological female is in an enclosed space in a public accomodation she is at risk of attack. It is not uncommon for women's bathrooms to be targetted by perverts. A female is just as vulnerable in a bathroom as in a locker room. Stall doors are no barrier at all. Since you were both born male I am assuming you do not understand the risk that all females take in public facilities already. When you allow biological men into the women's bathroom, you confuse the boundaries to a degree that it becomes almost impossible to judge the threat risk. There is no burden of proof on the men who say they are women. No safety filter at all. They are likely to be strangers. You are asking 50% of the population to trust an unknown biological male who has invaded thier private space. Men who most likely can easily attack and overcome pretty much any woman or girl in a bathroom or shower. And we have absolutely no idea if these are legitimate, sane, law abiding trans-women or if they are sex offenders pretending to be trans, which is happening. It is dangerous and scary and if you protest you are targetted and attacked most hatefully. I am old and handicapped and it frightens me how phsyically violent and vitriolic some of the trans activists and allies have become. In a nearby community to me elderly women who simply want private and safe women's space were pysically assaulted by a very nasty crowd over this. Here is the link to that episode which reallly made the whole thing quite personal for me.


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