Jun 15 • 1HR 13M

The Reality of Trans (Part 2)

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True Thirty, with Joey Dumont is a podcast that discusses and debates our society's most politically compelling topics through the lens of slow journalism. Each show is investigated with a focus on narrative as well as discovery. We believe that the complexity of culture cannot be crammed into six-minute television segments, or snippets and memes on social media, where ideology and entertainment is now the priority. On the program, you’ll hear the opinions of subject matter experts who'll explore the tangled topics of our day. Our collective goal is to help people better understand one another, not win a battle. After listening, you'll be reminded that a proper debate is not about victory, but that of inquiry, education, and viewpoint diversity. So tune in and talk amongst yourselves. You may even learn a thing or two.
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In part 2 of my interview with Helen Joyce, we talk about the long term deleterious effects of puberty blockers and the FDA’s original usage and indication. We compare and contrast why America now has 300 “gender affirming” clinics (and counting), and why Britain only has ONE called Tavistock.

We discuss the very controversial topic of causal suicides tied to transitioning (or lack thereof), and why this narrative is actually harmful vs. helpful to our trans community. Helen then educates me on the medical term “cascade of intervention”, what it means, and why it matters in this discussion.

Why also talk about the 4,400% increase in 11-15 year old girls now identifying as male vs female over the past decade – and how a theory called Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria may be a possible answer to this statistic.

We then conclude by talking about the importance of “female only spaces” and why they will never be a safe space for biological men. Oh, and of course, we discuss the toxic term, TERF, and why this slur is so harmful to the millions of feminists who have lobbied for women’s liberation for decades.

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