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Subject: Just how many times do your predictably doomed efforts have to fail before you figure out what I’ve been telling your field for 10 years?

The rules have changed, as in — there are none. By failing to recognize that, you cannot adapt to deal with it.

Conventional means have no chance of breaching the envelope of intransigence around armies of unreachables in the trench warfare of our times. But integrate those same tools into an unconventional framework for honest debate — and now you’ve got something. A student wrote of her psychology professor: “Tim Wilson taught me the importance of breaking problems down into more manageable pieces.” Lo and behold, at the bedrock of my idea is exactly that. If you want to start solving problems, first you need to clear the clutter that’s crippled this country. To do that, you don’t go after everything, you go after one thing that ties to everything. And you do it by holding one man to his own “standards”: A professional know-it-all with a cult-like following unlike anything I’ve ever seen. As I’ve been in the trenches battling hermetically sealed minds for decades, that’s saying something.

His disciples see him as some kind of saint-like Sherlock Holmes. And that — is an opportunity!

How do we make people realize they’ve been lied to? You have to knock down one small pillar that’s easier to reach. I’ve got the perfect pillar — on the biggest and most costly lie in modern history (which shaped everything you see today). To claim that Iraq WMD wasn’t a lie should be like saying we didn’t land on the moon. As I wrote and produced the most exhaustive documentary ever done on WMD, I would know. I don’t need mass appeal to make this happen, I just need to get to one man. Your field is forever fighting the forces of human nature whereas my solution banks on it.

I have a very specific target audience to get this in gear, so it wouldn’t take much. One email could set off a chain of events that could open the door to the kind of conversation this nation’s never had. Elliot Aronson put me onto his friend, Phil Zimbardo. For medical reasons, he’s unable to get involved, but in response to an email on the essence of my idea, he wrote: “Very Interesting and original.” Seems like that should count for something.

The Yellow Brick Road: Path of America’s Predictably Counterproductive Pursuits


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Richard W. Memmer

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