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The university is also denying the opportunity for student development, a crucial component of the college experience. Higher education has a duty to not only enhance cognitive and intellectual development, but personal, social, and emotional development.

I view the university setting as a training ground where students are exposed to a wide range of experiences and make the choice of if and how they want those experiences to shape their lives. They should be required to think about the information but no one says they must accept it.

When exposed to ideas in college, students learn to think critically and make informed arguments that they can put into practice in both academic and non academic settings.

Sadly, a young mind and passion was allowed to persuade academics that development of critical thinking and emotional awareness are not important. And the fact that the student very likely could have dropped the course when she read the syllabus and enrolled in an alternative shows that she chose to remain in a course that offended her.

What a mess the Hamline administration has created!

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That feelings matter more than anything feels true. Tough to reconcile, though, without honest conversation in classrooms about how we learn, ask better questions, and take a good spin gathering more than personal perspective. Then, what are we to do with it all. OK, reading CLOUD CUCKOO LAND just now. Whirling in and out if time of war and holding onto the library before it disappears in the cloud. Let’s talk, Jimmy. It’s our birthday month. Let’s pretend we’re capable of renovation!

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