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Much here I agree with and some I do not. Covid changed the average person alot on both sides of the aisle. The fanatacism, hypocrisy and fake science of the progressive left has alienated many liberals and many on the right are sick of Trump but don't know how to get rid of him. What was said here about Fox News and Tucker could conversely be said about Don Lemon and CNN, Cuomo, MSNBC etc. BOTH liberal and conservatibve politicians and media have provably lied and lied and lied some more Many aware folks these days simply do not rely on the mainstream media for truth at all.

Tribalism is hard wired into our genetic evolution. We can't get rid of it by pointing out it's many problems. Tribalism enhanced human survival for tens of thousands of years. So there are compelling reasons for us to be drawn into tribal dynamics. Unfortunately the powermongers pulling our strings know exactly how to manipulate those bio- socio- psychologic tribal buttons in order to control our behavior. And BOTH sides have done this over and over throught history. I believe we can change by refusing both the carrot and the whip and taking back our own individual sovereign human authority. Unfortunately when you do this neither 'side' wants you and both now percieve you as a threat because you are no longer controllable. And let's face it, we are simply not designed to be solitary individuals. We are wired to be part of a group. So bucking the herd mentality takes alot of willpower and intestinal fortitude, because who does not want to belong to a tribe of some kind? If you dare to question the liberal insanity? Well then you are labeled a nazi loving, racist, right wing nut, fascist Trump supporter. If you dare to question Trump or his cronies? Well then you are a liberal commie koolaid drinking warmonger idiot. So most people just clamp down on their own opinions and follow whichever herd looks most like survival to them.

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