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Our approach to news today is “slow” news, or what we’re calling “slow journalism.” Slow journalism means taking the time to decide what is covered, why, when, and how. To treat issues of the day with the deference and deliberation they deserve, and to give ourselves time to figure out just which issues those are. “Slow” journalism lends itself to being more wholly baked, more deliberate, and therefore, is potentially more thoughtful and error free. And the pace might just make one less ‘anxious,’ leaving fear and anger further back in the line of responses to what’s going on in our world and how we come to know it.

As media executives, writers, and journalists, we understand that historical engagement has always been about an either/or narrative, even when the world is really a place of also/and. And it’s this differentiation that separates us from the ever growing partisan reporting of our time.

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