Jun 8 • 1HR 14M

The Reality of Trans (Part 1)

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True Thirty, with Joey Dumont is a podcast that discusses and debates our society's most politically compelling topics through the lens of slow journalism. Each show is investigated with a focus on narrative as well as discovery. We believe that the complexity of culture cannot be crammed into six-minute television segments, or snippets and memes on social media, where ideology and entertainment is now the priority. On the program, you’ll hear the opinions of subject matter experts who'll explore the tangled topics of our day. Our collective goal is to help people better understand one another, not win a battle. After listening, you'll be reminded that a proper debate is not about victory, but that of inquiry, education, and viewpoint diversity. So tune in and talk amongst yourselves. You may even learn a thing or two.
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On today’s show, I interviewed Helen Joyce, Irish journalist, feminist, editor at the Economist in Britain, and best selling author of the book, Trans, When Ideology Meets Reality.

To be concise, Joyce is no fan of what she perceives as a hysteria about gender identity. We talked at length about “safe spaces” for women, e.g. rape clinics, domestic violence centers, female prisons, and why trans-females are not invited. We also discussed the long history of feminism and their decades long struggle for women’s liberation. And of course, we discussed the controversial topic of trans females competing against natal females in competitive sports. 

Joyce shared with me, as well in many other public statements, that she is looking to help our trans community, not hurt. “My intention is not to be unkind to trans people, but to prevent greater unkindness.”

We talked for over over 2 ½ hours – so this episode is part 1 of a 2 part series.

Oh… and you’ll never watch The Matrix again without thinking of trans ideology. Trust me!  

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