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Good Cop, Better Cop with John Cregan

Good Cop, Better Cop with John Cregan

Over the past year, I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching the origins and developments of the defund the police movement. I pored over public records and surveys, attended symposiums, and conducted interviews with beat cops and local politicians. I even talked with folks at the DNC who wanted to abolish the police entirely due to its origin of oppression and slavery. 

And in this episode, I talk with Santa Rosa’s Chief of Police, John Cregan, about solutions offered up by both social progressives and conservatives alike. We talk about homelessness, poverty, and addiction, and why it matters to policing. And we discuss in detail the millions of dollars of new funding for mental health teams, clinicians, and a more robust social services infrastructure. 

In This Episode: 

  • Defund the police

  • Policing as oppression & slavery

  • Criminal Justice then vs now

  • Mental health reforms

  • George Floyd

  • Proper mental health training for police

  • Deescalation training

  • Sustainable funding

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True Thirty with Joey Dumont
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