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Emmy-Nominated Bryan Behar Joins Joey Dumont on Laugh Your Cry Out

Emmy-Nominated Bryan Behar Joins Joey Dumont on Laugh Your Cry Out

Bryan Behar has a candid conversation about his father's suicide, dealing with extreme anxiety, and more, all while not making the conversation too heavy. He and Joey Dumont find ways to laugh their cries out.

In This Episode:

  • Being a showrunner for the 1st time (Fuller House)

  • Being a hero at anticipatory anxiety

  • Starting life after his father’s suicide

  • The healing powers of pancakes

  • The taboo around talking about suicide

  • The burden of helping someone who has mental health

  • Suicide prevention

  • The pressures of living in LA

  • Aging and showbiz

  • Grief triggers

  • Almost being kicked out of Brown

  • Breaking tragic news to kids

  • Not “making it” as a man

  • One of the greatest things his wife did for him

  • Living “the dream” but not feeling happy

  • What success looks like now

  • How to take the pressure off of being a man

  • Basking in the achievement of trying

About Bryan Behar:

Bryan Behar has written about a variety of fun topics including suicide, depression, aging, overeating, and getting trapped in his own wet suit. In his day job, Bryan is a longtime writer-producer of American sitcoms. Along with his writing partner Steve Baldikoski, Bryan has written for 21 shows in the past 21 years, including Wilfred, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, The New Adventures of Old Christine, 8 Simple Rules, Last Man Standing, Ned & Stacey, and a few that not even they can remember. They currently serve as co-executive producers on the Netflix Full House-reboot, Fuller House. Additionally, they have sold numerous comedy pilots to ABC, Fox, Disney, and USA. With 22 thousand Twitter followers, Bryan's tweets have been featured everywhere from Entertainment Weekly to @midnight. Not to mention, being inadvertently retweeted by Ted Cruz while slamming Ted Cruz. Prior to his TV career, Bryan was a Clio Award-winning copywriter at ad agencies up and down the West Coast. Bryan is a graduate of Brown University, a school he's well aware he would not have gotten into if applying today.

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