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"Can Nonprofit News Save Our Democracy?" with Marsha Parker

"Can Nonprofit News Save Our Democracy?" with Marsha Parker

Over the past several months, I've spent a ton of time attempting to understand the left-leaning bias of our news media. For those of you who do follow the news, this isn't news at all. But as a liberal, I really wanted to understand what was going on in our culture. I wanted to separate the straw from the hay, if you will.

In that effort, I interviewed a woman named Marsha Parker, who is currently the chief operating officer of the largest nonprofit news organization in California called CalMatters. She's also a storied journalist in her own right as well as former media executive. She served as the former associate Dean at the University of California, Berkeley School of Journalism and is someone I like to call a friend. She shares with me why she chose to go into nonprofit journalism and why she took the job as the chair of the board of the Institute of Nonprofit News in California.

In This Episode: 

  • Nonprofit news and media

  • Democrat’s demise in 2022

  • Liberal news media

  • Corporate sponsors in news media

  • Diversity in journalism

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